General C++ Programming - July 2023

Updating from enum to enum class causes issues
I have a small, in-progress, project specifically chosen to let me explore and learn C++. In this p...
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Need help on Reversing Packets
Hello all , I reversing game packets , Everything is good, but how do I save these values in th...
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by jNc
How to declare cv::VideoCapture cap(2) as global variable
Trying to declare with extern notation, but failed. C++ chunk to get CV::Mat is below: cv::Vi...
[2 replies] Last: :-1: error: ReadCapture.o:/home/supernova/build-MPU-Desktop-Debug/../D... (by jNc)
by jNc
OpenCV freezing
Getting OpenCV Matrix from Macbook/Windows Desktop Using Huawei/Ubuntu and Ezcap 331 and HDMI cable ...
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Eigen memory management issues
I am having some memory performance issues with my Eigen code. For example, using task manager to mo...
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by frek
Code objects alignment, memory and execution by CPU in C++ (1,2)
Hi all, I've got some info but would like to know how exactly a C++ code's objects with regard to a...
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How to specify the template parameters of a template member of a template class?
Consider the following: template<typename T> class Blob { public: template<typename It> ...
[4 replies] Last: that's what I was fearing!! Thank you!! (by JUANDENT)
Why does this function not deduce template arguments?
I have a template function like this: template <typename T, template <typename> typename Conta...
[2 replies] Last: thank you!! (by JUANDENT)
by Atom1
C++ Exception
I run two applications, Tradestation and Ninjatrader. Ninjatrader provides a managed .Net dll to all...
[8 replies] Last: I think we finally have come to an end. The last problem was just some... (by Atom1)
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