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User name:The DooD
Name:George Mooney
Location:Bucks, UK
Bio:I'm an 18 year old college student living in the UK, on a BTEC IT course.
The course is easy and I am way beyond it, but I need the qualification before I can move on.

I'm currently trying to teach myself C++ in my own time, mainly because I'm an aspiring game programmer (shock horror).

After learning C++ well enough, I'm going to try and learn SFML so that I can create 2D games and once I go back to school and do a maths course without failing it, then I should be properly equipped to learn 3D graphics programming.

I'm very interested in pretty much anything to do with C++, as while I can't always be practising my programming, I like to bask in C++ related articles on the internet or read forums (including this one). I don't understand half the things I read but I still think it's good to get into the mind set of a programmer.
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