How to create an MFC custom control in VS2022?


I need to make an MFC custom control that enables me to draw bidimensional graphs... I am going to start looking in internet but though I also asked for help here since MFC is old school...

Thank you!!

it works the same as it ever did, so old info should still be fine in 2022.
There should be plenty of examples out there.
You don't need a custom control to draw. If you need some other functionality, sure.
MFC and GDI+ might be something to look into, versus going the custom control route first thing. Once you've got the drawing routine(s) worked out then that logic could then be encapsulated into a custom control.

MFC is a C++ class-based approach to dealing with the WinAPI, GDI+ is a similar approach with the GDI. It requires a different way of thinking and program logic when dealing with image processing.

GDI+ has a lot more image processing flexibility and capability than the GDI does. Every modern Win OS version has GDI+ already included. Unlike Win9x/Me/pre-WinXP, any app targeted for those Win versions required a free redistributable DLL.
Hello. @JUANDENT you talk about GDI+ and MFC like some old and unifficient tools, but it is not true. You can develop some powerful tools with these WinAPI. However if you want to get something really customized for a 2d graph representation, I would like to recommand to you some other good Templates like OLC::PixelGameEngine (which can create more than simple games) and Gunslinger (c not c++). I hope that it helps you ++
They work, and efficiently. They are just in an archaic design and style that is akin to trying to read beowulf -- you can sort of make it out, but its not the english we are used to or expect.
I agree, but I have never read Beowulf before...
However I understand what you meant :)
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