How to Change ncurses window(pad) size?

Is there a way to change the maximum size of a window in ncurses?
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The 'window' that ncurses itself draws, or the 'window' of the (virtual) console in which it is drawn?

Hello. Searching an explanation about ncurses, I found a little tutorial showing how to initialize a custom window. Maybe you could find some tips. I read : Height and width of the window. The size of the whole screen can be determined by the two global variables COLUMNS and LINES :

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Sorry been a little busy recently, but basically I meant a virtual window, I think. Here's the exact definition:
auto file_pad = newpad(ROWS, COLS);

I eventually just decided to reconstruct the window object instead:
// re-construct the window with 1 more available column.
auto file_pad = newpad(max_y, max_x+1);
overwrite(views->file_pad, file_pad);
views->file_pad = file_pad;
views->pad_minx++;// scroll right 1 character. 

I was in a bit of a rush so I forgot to come back and mark it as solved-- sorry about that! 😅

EDIT: wow would you look at that memory leak lol damn it has been WAY to long since I did any C++
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