IDE+Compiler for LINUX

Hello, I changed my OS lately to LINUX/Debian
and on windows i used VS2019, so i thought i ask u what is the easiest/best
ide/compiler for linux?

i used gnu g++ .. but when editing my files with nano there is no autofill nor intellisense, and it makes it rly hard to remember all C++ library names or standard functions.

thank you alot guys.
Try Visual Studio Code. Need to use an existing compiler - probably g++ or clang++. One can install it as a flatpak.

There are many others, one can search for them on the web.

Try to avoid Code Blocks IMO, it doesn't seem to have background compilation (need this for intellisense type operation), nor does it have any version control such as git. These are show stoppers for me.
Besides Code::Blocks IDE another popular choice would be Eclipse IDE with CDT plug-in.

Eclipse has various pre-configured packages, so be sure to grab "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers" here:

See also:


Yet another good option, and not only for Qt developers, would be QtCreator:
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Neither CodeBlocks nor Eclipse seem to provide automatic syntac completition or autofil or intellisense
is there something usefull or equal to visual studio ?
thank you
As I said, Visual Studio Code.
Visual Studio Code download:

(other IDEs had links provided)
Visual Studio Code can integrate with vcpkg on Linux.

What is vcpkg, you ask? An open source package manager maintained by MS.

It helps make it easy to add a 3rd party library to the toolchain of the IDE/compiler. It works wonders with Visual Studio (2019/2022), there are instructions for integrating it with VSCode.
Neither CodeBlocks nor Eclipse seem to provide automatic syntac completition or autofil or intellisense

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My colleagues use CLion, I've never used it, so can't comment further on it.
Does eclipse still take like 5 min just to open hello world?
Ive tried it off and on since it came out, last time was maybe 3 years back, and I could literally take a bio break and come back before it opened. Once it was open, it worked OK I suppose. It seemed sluggish across the board and I would probably pull my hair out if it took on a multi million line compile. This was right around a total eclipse near where I live, and I came to realize where they got the name ... both involved a lot of waiting around for something to happen :P

That aside, I thought you could run normal visual on linux. Not having done it, maybe I misunderstood? Code is a bit thin for my tastes, it does a good job for a trimmed down package but its missing a lot too. After trying to use it for a while I backburnered it as a way to interface to GIT.
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Eclipse is not the fastest starting application, but also not ridiculously slow.

I guess SSDs and faster CPUs have helped quite a bit. This was right after fresh reboot:
I’ve used Eclipse for a full IDE on Linux, but you mentioned using nano. If your looking for an interactive editor I would suggest VSCode an mentioned earlier or I’ve been using atom for a couple years for quick editing. It’s very similar to VSCode. There’s a bunch of packages available free and has formatting based on languages built in. It has a small footprint and is reliable.
I use EMACS and I have for 40 years. It was made by programmers for programmers. It will automatically format and is infinitely customizable. It originally started out as a smart text editor but expanded. It is fast and gives you total control of your environment. There is a learning curve but well worth it IMO.
Nano ... Emacs ...
There are autofill modes for Emacs, but auto-fill-mode is not one of them ...
> @LoneRanger It was made by programmers for programmers.
I don't understand when people (and worse companies) use this. I'm sure it wasn't built by plumbers.

I personally use 4coder and I like it a lot. Native, fast and available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Takes a tiny bit of time to memorise the shortcuts but once you get past that it's pretty helpful.
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I have a friend who likes KDevelop:
Thanks for sharing such a helpful instruction, really appreciate for your article.
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