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Convert binary to base 58
It seems they use a different mapping of the characters 😏 Just change code from above: https://c...

txt file to vector giving wrong values
This could be done by using [b][code]<regex>[/code][/b] to split the lines 😎 In the following ex...

Convert binary to base 58
In my above example, [code]ASCII_CHARS[/code] contains all "printable" ASCII characters. For Base-58...

Convert binary to base 58
Something Like this? [code]static const char* const ASCII_CHARS = "!\"#$ % &'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=...

build systems and code editors\IDE's you use or suggest on Linux?
[b]Qt Creator[/b] might be worth a look: Also, [b]Code::Bl...

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