Free C++ online tutor needed!

Hi, I am 13 year old and I would like to get practical C++ programming skills. I have tried to do it by myself and I have got Stephen Prata's 'Primer Plus'. I am on the 14th chapter and I still can't do anything constructive (only simple programs in the command line tool). If anyone can help and tutor me I will be very cheerful. Thanks for help!
Why are you learning C++?

Presumably you're not learning it "because it's there", like it were some mountain to be climbed.

You're learning it because you want to do something - right?
What is it?

No single book will ever tell you everything you want to know.

Your book teaches you the language, with minimal dependency on the outside world. That means it keeps it super simple by sticking to the command line.

If you want to do graphics / games / web / networking / video / etc etc etc etc, then that's more learning at the next level up.
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