General C++ Programming - February 2024

How to convert local_time to sys_time?
Hi, I have this local time_point: auto loc = std::chrono::current_zone()->to_local(std::chr...
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friend and enable_if in operator%
This code is not compiling: template<typename T> class Number { T value; public: [ ...
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DFS and DLS Algorithm
I am supposed to write a C++ code to answer the following questions but before that I need to be abl...
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what is the epoch of pseudo-clock local_t?
I created an empty time point that represents epoch time: auto tse = chr::time_point<chrono::l...
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BSF Algorithm
An undirected graph has 24 vertices denoted by A’, B,’ C’, D’, E’, F’, G’, H’, I’,...
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Can you give me an example of parametric polymorphism
Hi, I need a few examples of parametric polymorphism please. Regards, Juan Dent
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