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I am new to programming and I need advice on what computer would be good and I am 13 so i have a budget of $1500. Also I would like advice on what language to learn first and how to go about learning it.
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a) this belongs in the lounge just fyi
b) Welcome!
c) if you dont know anything about programming... i recommend learning basic html. it teaches some basic concepts and imo its good to know html anyways. after that, i recommend c, then c++ (c will let you appreciate c++ a lot more).
d) i cant help you with the laptop :P mine is only 400
Python is also a good language to learn

A beginner's python tutorial which I used when first learning it is located on here http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/python

Teaches you everything from python syntax to object oriented programming

If you are just interested in learning programming any $300 laptop will work just fine (If you can find one with linux pre-installed even better). If you want to go for high end programming laptop, get a macbook. You will notice that I am leaning towards unix os and that is because they are geared towards programmers unlike windows which is more of a general use os. Macs have best of both worlds

If you already have a laptop, you can partition your hard drive an dual boot linux/window
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oh yeah forgot about python. great language, just one thing you need to know before using it, its syntax isnt common. its similar (in how its structured) to languages like ruby and pascal, but the way most languages are laid out is similar to c
> i recommend learning basic html.
I think he mean a programming language
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i understand that, but i feel like its a good thing to learn. it teaches the concept of writing (in this case extremely) basic code, getting an output, and manipulating data
You're 13 so you have a budget of $1500!?! Why don't you just pay someone to write code for you? 8^D

The PC is irrelevant for learning to code. A $35 Raspberry Pi will serve you just as well as a $2500 gaming rig.

Python is a great place to start. If you eventually need to code for speed and efficiency you can add C/C++ and call that code from Python.

Don't forget to keep up your math studies too. ;-)

I think I'll go with a MacBook and HTML. Now how do I go about learning it if anyone could reccomend either a book or tutorial that would be very appreciated.
Man I wish I had the money laying around to buy myself a MacBook when I was 13.
Has everything you could possibly want to know about HTML/CSS
The only reason I have that kind of money for a
Laptop is because I have a job and have been saving for about 10 months and thanks for the advice
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Don't buy a mac. It's a waste

Get a good 700 dollar laptop and use the rest of the money for whatever you so desire.
I'm not going to get an extremely expensive MacBook I'm going to probably get one around $1000
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MacBooks start at $1200. So that's not happening :P
I personally don't see mac's as a waste. That's just Lumpkin's opinion. I own a MBP myself and love it.

EDIT: MacBook airs start at $1000
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buying a mac isnt a waste. if it wasnt for the fact that apple is closed source i would probably use their products
- I personally started out with c++ however, I hear that python is a good language for beginners.

- As for a laptop, any regular laptop will suffice as the previous posters have mentioned.
$1500 budget at 13? :O
you can use any laptops and desktops to learn programming
and if you want to learn, i recommend to learn python
then C++ and at last assembly
like me
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Use a Windows OS, you'll get more customers that way. Most of the market is towards Windows.

Linux and Mac should be the last option.

(Linux is pretty cool)
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Lumpkin i would like to know where you get you statistics from? because more of the people i work with are avid mac users
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Well that's you.

I read it some where, I can't remember. It's no mystery that more users use Windows than Mac/Linux anyway. If you can, please prove me wrong.
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