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User name:Thumper
Bio:18 years old
Learning C++ for almost 4 years
I work at a computer shop.
Yeah I'm a pretty massive nerd. I'm cool with that.
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Birthdate:Apr 22, 1995
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Hey folks!
Right on. Your post count has skyrocketed since my last time here. I feel like I'm lagging seriously...

Hey folks!
Last time I posted here was sometime last March I believe. Been clogged up in school and what not an...

Texas Weather
It's the exact same in Atlanta, GA right now. One day it's below freezing, the next it's 70 degrees ...

How does a game resource manager know when to load and unload resources?
It depends on how you design the manager. To me, it would have these qualities: 1.) Load a resource...

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