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Problem byte in program.
I will try to explain how my program works and what the issue is. I am loading tile data from a file...
[1 reply] : Re L3-10 - It's easier to use a look-up table. (by seeplus)
LodePNG error
Hi, I want to create a png file using raw pixel data using LodePNG. However the sample will not com...
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bug at 74
bug at 74, it keeps repeating the statement instead of just reading the txt #include <iostre...
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HELP! Getting a segmentation fault with this paRT OF MY CODE
Write your question here. template <typename T> void Library<T>::generate() { std::strin...
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What does "S::" mean in the declaration "int S::* pmi = &S::mi"?
This is a two-part question. 1. I'm trying to understand how to use the pointer-to-member access o...
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Numbers that are too large?
I'm writing a program that displays the odds of winning a lottery. Unfortunately what I wrote is dis...
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Looking for some guidance (1,2)
HI All, I want to write some desktop apps. Right now I have a couple of books on C++. One by Deitel ...
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dubeg stops at sleep
Hi. I am building some simple code in c, upon microblaze softcore processor. When i debug it stops...
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bug using getch
bug at getch it does not let me choose again, i dont want to use a while loop because it has more co...
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Segmentation Fault by Using Vectors
Hi, I was studying hash functions and I wrote this code for applying what I learned but it's giving ...
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by Mjn4
why vs code can't read my cin
Hello, so I was trying to figure out whether I could use a vector to store a dialogue but when compi...
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Cipher Library
Need help in compiling encryption library please:
[4 replies] Last: Solved. Created .lib file. Thanks, (by AlexCantor)
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