Issues in Console Programming

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It is still command prompt box in Windows
And UNIXes. particularly

In fact ncurses is cross platform; on Windows I think it's pdcurses; so the tutorial should probably cover that when/if he (Duoas) writes it.
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Hi, thanks a lot for your information.
And I have a question.

Is there any alternatives for 'kbhit()' from standard libraries. Thanks.
#include <windows.h>

bool iskeypressed()
  return WaitForSingleObject(
    GetStdHandle( STD_INPUT_HANDLE ),
    ) == WAIT_OBJECT_0;

Hope this helps.
Interesting...this got stickied. Guessed that means you'll have to finish it some time Duoas. XP
Wasn't this stickied a while back?
Alas, it is currently on the back burner... I won't be able to finish it at least until after I've finished moving and I reinstall Linux (Kubuntu update hosed my system)...

I haven't forgotten it though.
Duoas wrote:
back burner

mrrrph mf mrr mrrrph!
Is that a pyro reference?
EDIT: Bet it is.
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I love my gas range. (I can't stand electric.)
Don't worry, I know what the backburner is. (was that for Duoas?)
Yeah! This is the sort of thing I've been wanting to see.

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Please don't advertise.
Yes. First, you go and join random forums on the internet, and post unrelated advertizing to as many useful threads as you can find...
hi there, i'm new on here and don't if i'm posting the right place but, I have this problem with a program it keeps giving me a "no match for 'operator==' " error, which is really strange. I am trying to compare strings using if-statements and I just don't get why i'm getting that error. Please help, thanks

Hello guys!

any can help me? i find whole C++ library.

Not to put any pressure on anybody but is this article series still a go? I'd really like to see
How to set up a nice console-programming environment

Anyway, I hope to see more of these in the future :)
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