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Bio:Hobbyist programmer, musician, and writer.

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I am a senior high school student who loves to play guitar/banjo, program, and write.

As a guitar/banjo player I like a wide range of music, but stick to Classic Rock and alternative as my main choice. I've played guitar for 6 years and banjo for 1 year. I play in a Blues band (guitar of course), which is fun ("Hold on I'm Coming" has awesome horns). At home I like playing a variety of genres of music on my Gibson SG (aka my bestest buddy).

As for programming, I have dabbled is several languages but am really only [s]well[/s] decently equipped with C++. I could write a hello-world program in Python, Ruby, C, C++, or Turing. Like I said though, not much else :) I'm working my way up the game programming ladder with my first big project with a forum member of another site. We're going to be working on a top-down shooter. Trust me though, it won't be an ordinary one! A dev blog may or may be in works.

EDIT: I have sadly given up my writing position at AOTF now as well because of not enough hours in a day. It's still open for me and maybe once I start coasting I'll start writing again. I miss it already!

Oh, and I'm a /b/tard. You jelly?

PS. The Game
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