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Name:Jose Ramirez
Location:San José, Costa Rica
Bio:Studied Chemical Engineering, but became passionate about programming along the way. Now it is all I do.
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VB and C++ Interfacing
The OOP way of achieving it would be to create COM DLL's. I must warn you, though: COM is not the ...

any help
And how much will you be paying for this homework service you are trying to hire?

HBITMAP to .net Bitmap through PInvoke
[s]An HBITMAP is a bitmap header (H-BITMAP, HEADER-BITMAP). Scan0, on the other hand, is the addres...

Help with program please :)
Good that you show the code and moreover, inside code tags, but you fail to explain what is wrong wi...

Pthreads in windows?
Isn't pthreads a linux-only thing?