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Bio:Intermediate cross-platform and web developer. I know Lua, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, C, and C++. I'm currently learning the Win32 API for C/C++.

I am currently using Visual C++ 2010 Express for Win32 development. My main operating system is Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
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I need header files for designing my program
I don't fully understand the question. Can you not find the header files in your GTK installation?

EnumProcessModulesEx Not Declared In This Scope?
Put this at the top of the source file. [code]#include <Windows.h>[/code]

PLEASE Help - Binary record deletion
Clear the file before rewriting the new data to it. You should be able to create a new ofstream obj...

Programming audio spatialization techniques (handling multiple outputs)
To be honest, this doesn't belong in the Beginners forum.

Begginers excercises
Where exactly are these beginner exercises?

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