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Swapping Arrays.
"C arrays are less safe, and have no advantages over array and vector." disagree %100 - if you know ...

Swapping Arrays.
[code] char i[]={1, 4, 9, 10, 15}; char reverse[5]; char c=0; for(char *iPtr=i + (strlen(i)-1);iPtr>...

Creating an Array Based on User Input
old school C way: [code] int a; printf("how many"); scanf("%d",a); int *arry=(int *)malloc(sizeof(i...

Declare and Use an Array on One Line
int cap[]={20,50,200,9001};

Memory Map - Is It Possible To Create A Pointer That Points To Specific Address?
idk if this helps but in C if you know the beginning address you can step through the rest char *aP...

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