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Name:Abdullah Elhakim
Bio:Hello there! I am an enthusiast C and C++ programmer. I'm 12 years old. I wrote LinuxID which can be found on SourceForge. It's meanless except for its detailed report on your OS including its base Linux Distro, detailed version of name and other useful stuff. I am also an enthusiast web developer, having worked with HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, CSS AND PHP. I use Assembly for low-level programming. You can find LinuxID here:
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std:out_of_range when using string::erase
Thanks, now it works. And thanks @jib for the tip!

std:out_of_range when using string::erase
I was using a small code snippet to erase <em> from string doesn't work? Code:[code]string htmlLi...

Why does this code not work?
I don't know what to say, I have rosy cheeks now (for the [code]return[/code] statement. As for the ...

Why does this code not work?
I just cracked up some code to check how many occurrences of a string are found in another string......

HTML parsing?
@ne555 Ahhh... How dumb of me to miss that! And you've got me thinking!

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