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Function to determine if program should continue.
Code for function "min_max" along with it's arguments/parameters in the return statement shall be ex...

Why do compilers not accept '.' and '->' both for pointer and instances?
I suppose there is no other reason for [code]operator->[/code] to exist other than make pointer's me...

C++11 - Problem with pimpl-idiom?
And yes, it goes on. Window.cpp [code]/// ---------------------------- /// @author God /// @projec...

C++11 - Problem with pimpl-idiom?
Hi, folks! I guess I have ran into problem with pimpl-idiom, since I can't figure out what else cou...

C++11 - Delegate class
[quote]Because 'f' is a int(int) functor (ie: it only takes 1 param). AClass::twoparam takes 2 para...

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