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[quote]I was going on what my teacher gaves us . He was like put in Visual Studio and it should run ...

Can Someone PLASE show me what I am doing wrong with this program
The problem is this line : [code]cout << "Enter time (format 12:59:59)" << endl; cout << "(0:0:0 to...

[code]void swap(int &x, int &y, int t = 0) {t = x, x = y, y = t;} void bubbleSort(int arr[], int si...

error: no match for 'operator>>' (operand types are 'std::basic_istream<char>::__istream_type {aka std::basic_istream<char>}'
1. [code]cin >> mass >> endl;[/code] Should be : [code]cin >> [b]mass[/b]; cout << endl;[/code] 2...

[quote]That's the original assignmenet [/quote] Your assignment is to write a function main()?