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Name:Donald Manley
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Bio:38 yr old, knowledgable in Pearl, PHP, HTML, CSS, dabled in C and C++ (but not well practiced in it yet. that's why I'm here.)
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how to display odd number?
bah.. too early in the morning.. I'm not thinking. a[10] is correct. sorry.

use of atoi
It won't take a string, You need to pass it a C style string. so, say your string is Numbers you ne...

How to ask for temperature for x number of days?
have you got any code so far? post what you have, and we can try to help. Also, do you really wan...

how to display odd number?
[s]actually, depending on your programming habbits, you could declare a[10] and start with 1, though...

Sequenced PNG to AVI
eh. yea.. I could get after effects free if i wanted to pirate it.. and considering the cost of it i...