How do I design a button?

This function creates two default buttons.

void Buttons::send_button(HWND hWnd) {

	CreateWindow(L"Button", L"Choose File", WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD, 53, 315, 150, 35, hWnd, NULL, NULL, NULL);
	CreateWindow(L"Button", L"Upload", WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD, 208, 315, 65, 35, hWnd, NULL, NULL, NULL);


I would love to change the font, font colour, and background colour of the buttons, but I have no idea how to, since there isn't much resources about it online today.

If someone could help show me how to design a button, that would be great, thanks!
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I believe you can, instead, register that an image has been clicked and handle it like a button. I seem to recall that being easier in MFC than trying to draw on the button (less hand-written code and hoop jumping).
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