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The subject is pretty self-explanatory. Forum moderators would help. The admins don't always have all the time of their life to moderate the fora here. If the admins can pick certain moderators based on who has been really helpful active on the site, things could get much cleaner here. Note that this post is not made for a selfish reason of making myself a moderator. I am just suggesting this for the benefit of all.
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This forum doesn't really need moderator. Apart from some trolling by spoonlicker, its clean. Report button does its job well.
Let's get real, this forum doesn't even support avatars. Also, Krofna is right.
Spambots are quickly taken care of, their posts rarely last longer than a minute.
Aside from that, the less moderation a forum has, the better.
If you made me a moderator, it would go horribly horribly (amusingly) wrong. :(
Users can move their own topics. The report button is sufficient for all other tasks...
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Spoonlicker seemed to be a wrong track. But offenders should become more gentle soon.
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I don't think, it would go wrong, because everybody can learn.
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You are right, we don't need a mind police. The times of high priests are over.

You know, when the human mind was born, it was thrown out of the subconscious.

And some people thought this would have been a very great calamity. And they thought about this, like a newborn baby would think, if it is suddenly born. What did it wrong, what great sin did it make, that mother got so angry and threw it out of the paradise.

Why have I got a mind now, I didn't ask for a mind, I don't want it. And so the holy rollers do all, for throwing their minds away. And if you overlook their doings, you could think, they would have some success.

The problem of the birth of the human mind was the lose of the connection to the subconscious. So the religions were born. The people needed medicine men and high priests. 2000 years ago, the minds were so progressed, that the minds got some reconnections to the subconscious, and instead of high priests, we had shepherds. But the shepherds became later high priests again. But the sowing worked, and we could make many new inventions now. And now the times for high priests and shepherds are definitely over. Also the Dalai Lama said, that he will not be reborn again. So we can think, this will not be needed any more, because all will happen now what should happen, without need for help - besides some small hints.
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Spoonlicker seemed to be a wrong track. But offenders should become more gentle soon.

That's odd. I was convinced that you only joined after the last spoonlicker incident.
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Sorry, I thought, you meant me, because some offenders liked to call me a spoonlicker.

Spoonlicker thoughts wouldn't look this ways.

But of course, it was spoonlickery. I only bit into the word rejoicement. And then this outcome. You can see what difference such a small bite can make. And such a small bite caused the birth of mankind.
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Oh freddled gruntbuggly/thy micturations are to me/As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
Groop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes. And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!
I don't know where this thread is going, anymore.

                            /         \
                           /\   /      \
                  (__)      /\   o      \
                  (xx)        \          |
          /--------\/~~~~~~~~~/          |
         /|      //         \/          /      (__)
        *//w----//         \/          /       |00|_))))\---*
        ~~     ~~           \_________/         \/$=/))))\====$

On no account should you allow a Vogon to read poetry at you.

I fear we may have fallen victim... =/
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You got it!

Sorry for this, that I had written a poem. It was more then 15 years ago, when I did this before.

I didn't think over, what would happen now. It seemed to be so a harmless funny poem.

But poems are the most magical things.

When a poet writes a poem, the Muses will appear and tell him much new knowledge, he never had thought before.

When a thinker had made strong thoughts - like a bright shining sun - and when he formulates a poem - some more dark like the moon, then the light of the bright shining sun will be reflected by the moon to the ocean (of the subconscious) and the Muses (in the ocean) will do their part to give an answer. And the surface of the ocean mirrors the light of the moon, which was the light of the sun. And if you look into this mirror of the moon, you will see many new things and many new thruths. And this kind of truths have many names, like the Muses, the hidden stone of wisdom, the phoenix, the birth of Christ (Mary was also named Star of the Ocean). This is the last of the 4 steps from catching a formless idea - like a shooting star - which will happen, after you have spoken a wish and have brought three gifts. And then the idea enters the real world as a vision. And you can do the next three steps for making your gold. This three steps you should know already, because you normally do it.

Do you know what kind of gold?

Most people have read many books, and were given many good and intelligent ideas.

But what normally happens:

They eat gold and shit shit.

Could you think, there exists also another way?

Eat shit and shit gold.

This is the alchemistic work.

The first step normally is done wrong, people want to behave like herodes and don't bring presents, but weap the small idea away.

The next step is done mostly correct, but to begin with the thírd step too early, would also kill the idea. So you should know about OnTimer and OnStep, when it's time to do the next step. Only the fourth step is the magical one.

The inquisition thougt, Luzifer and Venus would be the enemies of the church. Luzifer means light bringer and is only another word for the evening and morning star Venus. But Venus only give shells and other small ideas from the big ocean, which you collect and lay around your idea. The inquisition didn't think, that Mary (Luna, the Moon, the star of the ocean) would bring the new knowledge, which the church in the Middle Ages feared so much.

What a big mistake!

The alchemists formulated, how to win the stone of wisdom: You have to use VITRIOL.

But all others did understand this very wrong and buddled in the earth.
But you can see what you should do, also, if you think the three wise, which brought gifts for Jesus, came from the orient.

The comet
The three wise
Mary gave birth to Jesus
Josef was a timberman
Jesus carried the cross
The captain of the soldier picked him with the lance (Mars, killing the bugs)

And then Easter and Whitsun tell, how you can get very good new ideas and make a good work.

Oh, you can also use the Greek and Roman ancient gods.

Oh, now I found the bug. It was:

Ratio meets Poetry!

Very interesting times now!

Oh, about the first step, the Sun or Apoll. Don't do something earnest with the small baby idea. Be gentle, be a sunny boy. Play with it, like it, fall in love with it, and after this, you may meet Venus. And then you become a fancier, and collect all ideas, what you can get around your idea. And after you have a full cauldron - not before, you use Merkur and put fire under it and let it blubber and boil and think all connections, what you can make. And after you have done this, then you can give the resulting salt to the Moon - I don't know, whether you should write a poem, this you must find out yourself. And then you will get a vision of your idea.

The next steps:

Saturn: time, costs, software architecture, design
Jupiter: Implementation
Mars: Debugging

Earth or Easter: you rest and rejoice your work

Whitsun: It will happen again

Now the meaning of the symbols:

A circle with a small point in it: a small thought had hit your mind.

A circle with a cross under it: you collect structures, stuff - your mind is still an empty can

The same as venus, but with a vessel over it. Your mind works on the stuff.

Dreaming and then the vessel is tipped out, your idea enters the world as a vision

Structure, which follows the idea (Schedule, Design and such things) - The cross under the son of the moon, made by the timberman.

Ideas, which follow the Design (Implementation) - The son of the moon carries the cross.

The lance which kills the bugs

The cross in the circle.
The works are finished. Your idea - at the begin a tiny thought - is full developed and lives now in your works. (Easter, hallelujah, the son of the moon - and the holy ghost, where the tiny thought came from - is dead, but lives amongst us)

And the name of Jesus is JHSWE, Jehoshua, with a S added the JHWH. And S means Samech, Snake. And Snake means an animal on the ground, which know the hidden ways, which knows about hidden knowledge and truths. So Jesus means JHWH coming into the world by the means of hidden ways.

Jesus is also called Christ, this mean Ichtios, this means fish. Fish is an animal swimming in the water. It's an idea swimming in the waters of the ocean of the subconscious. And this was the fishermen way, how such an idea comes into the world.

Other ways are thinkable, if the mystics are right and fishermen would become watermen - it seems to be the logical progress.

Maybe Jesus means more than a tiny idea - it was a comet, I don't want to make speculations about god, god father, god son and the holy ghost. I can't know nothing about such matters, because I didn't think much about god, but I can hold all as possible.

I could only tell about ideas, coming from the subconscious. And world soul and god are also thinkable. But if somebody wants to find out something, he can't say something, whether this exists. He must think and meditate, what it could mean and then try to find out, what it is. Making a silly assumption and then say, this don't exist, don't make much sense.

And now you can assign the sun to Sunday hour 0. And for each following hour you assign the next star. And this you should do for all days of the week. And then you look at the outcome.

Maybe it was too much, and somebody should formulate this better.

You need not fear more unexpected information.

What I discovered was the sayer and this - and it works very fine.
If you like to know more, you must explore.
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Nah, Spoonlicker's type of trolling was Anti-Programming, Anti-OOP (which is retarded in this day and age of programming), and general "Help me or I will whine about it". I just don't understand what he has against OOP as there really isn't any job now that uses a language that doesn't support OOP (at least the ones I've read about or applied to). Maybe he isn't cut out for programming and has this false hope that if he can learn to code like an expert without OOP that he will stand a chance in the industry. That is just a guess though.
Honestly, I'm getting the same feeling from dadabe. "if I can't learn proper C++/OOP, I'll sabotage the others by posting walls and walls of nonsense!".

Provided that dadabe has made several claims of making impressive software, but has never managed to show anything because "don't have time right now" (but with improper grammar), yet continues to post ridiculous walls of text, I can only be reminded of the spammer that wasted over an hour to spam about 1 page of topics.

Honestly, even if it's a false positive, I think we would be better off without him. I haven't seen a single post of him that helped anyone. In the best cases, he was simply wasting time of the other members here. In the worst cases, he was confusing beginners with actual questions, which meant other members had to waste their time undoing the damage.

This may sound harsh, but I'm fairly certain I'm right. The fact that he knows about spoonlicker without having seen one of his spamfests is just the icing on the cake. All his previous "undercover" accounts have done the same: bring up spoonlicker, for attention. "Hey, is this change on the forum because of spoonlicker?" was the topic that set of the last spam nonsense, by an account most of us had already flagged as spoonlicker.
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@BHXSpecter and @Gaminic

What you wrote, don't sound like poetry. It seems, that poetry would cause much fears.
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Die Krupps wrote:
this isn't poetry
this is the language of reality
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good to know, how to create reality.
When I look at BHXSpecter's and Gaminic's posts, I can't guess, what opus they intend. So much work, what will be the outcome?
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