My daughter is awesome II

My wife and daughter were sitting on the bed just now, watching New Year's videos, and something flashy came on with apparently kind of cool content.

wife: That’s awesome!

daughter (deadpan): Not for someone with epilepsy.

I’m still proud. :O)
Nice one!

Speaking of, the epilepsy safe extensions for browsers are pretty solid ad blockers, since 95% of the ads are disco balls.
Well, tonight my daughter and I played a violin duet in public for the first time.

She chose the song: the Swallowtail Jig, an old Irish fiddle tune that’s really a lot of fun to play as counterpoint duet. It finished as I did the high A part and she accompanied with a swirling bit she created herself! It sounded really good!

My daughter did so well! I’m so proud of her. //happy dad :O)

Of course, we practiced the snot out of it before going on stage, but as it was short notice we only got a couple weeks in before playing. At least we played in front of peers, which was nice because they tolerate mistakes better. (Though I suspect most of them didn’t even notice anything but the most egregious mistake that _I_ made, lol.) (It was a talent show at church.)

Sorry I don’t have video for y’all. Maybe in the future we can get something up on Youtube for you to see.

If you want to hear the song (as done by really good fiddlers), here’re a couple videos I can recommend:

Swallowtail Jig by Katy Adelson

Swallowtail Jig by Liz Faiella

Aaaannnnd... since I’m posting awesome fiddle music for y’all, here’s the next one I want to learn, lol.

The Ghost of Ballybrolly by The Good Tune

Anyway, enjoy!
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