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[Firefox] Site still requires legacy addition to log in

Just an attempt to make sure this is on the admin's radar. I still have to switch to the legacy version to log into the site. At least, on Mozilla Firefox. Seems to work on other browsers.
Yeah - might explain why the traffic has fallen off a cliff...

If you don't logout and just close Firefox and Firefox has remembered the logon details then next time you access this web site you'll still be logged in.

Is the problem this site or Firefox though? Has this issue been reported to Mozilla?
A simple workaround is to hold down Ctrl while clicking "log in".

This is no excuse for not fixing the problem though.

The issue seems to boil down to how Firefox treats this code
<a href="javascript:0">log in</a>
differently compared to other browsers.

If the admin could just change it to something like this
<a href="javascript:void(0)">log in</a>
the problem would be fixed.
I guess I have just never logged out of here in forever lol. Thanks for the notice.
I actually prefer the legacy site look and layout compared to the new fangled "beta" site. Less UI clutter for this cranky ol' fart.
@Peter87 - Have you reported this to the admin using the 'contact us' email link at the bottom of pages?
Actually there’s a lot more that you can’t do now. I suspect that you can’t create a new account (hence no “first-time” questions for a very long time) and any edits to your bio refuse to save.
Suspicion confirmed, I tested creating a new account, using both the Beta and Legacy sites. Over 30 minutes later still no confirmation email at either of the email addys.

Yup, can't complete the new account screening.

Maybe it is time for me to archive save the posts I have in my browser's bookmark folders so should CPP go dark I won't lose the info.
George P wrote:
Yup, can't complete the new account screening.

That explains why I haven't seen any spam posts recently.

seeplus wrote:
Have you reported this to the admin using the 'contact us' email link at the bottom of pages?

Yes many months ago.

Maybe he doesn't receive these error reports because the email feature is broken?
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Re: spammers....

I just stomped on one in the Beginners section, though if you check they joined CPP back in March 2022. So the email problem is fairly recent.

Maybe(?) the Admin is wanting to wind the site down, keeping it active sure isn't cheap.
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