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Need to estimate how powerful my CPU has to be for a program

Not sure if this is right forum, but not sure where to ask! This is complicated i have chronic pain, thanks for understanding!!!

I want to make following program: https://cs.stackexchange.com/questions/148325/determining-runtime-of-a-theoretical-program-question-of-extraordinary-complexi Maybe someone beats me to it, i have chronic pain, I would make it available for free tho open-source as everything else is pure cancer! On dono it is fine... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRmVfoIG0Tg Same all money I use only for my health, which i will use only to help other ppl... I have overexcitabilities...

But I Am not sure, if it will be possible to run it off GPU (I have RTX 3070). Should I buy powerful CPU, I have no idea how long it will take to compute! It is very complicated and I Am noob in C++ I have no idea how to estimate it ahead!

Also if this is not problem for you, could you advice me fake question to post on https://stackoverflow.com/ I have only 47 reputation and I can't comment it is incredibly annoying! I can't even write, how bad I Am on it!!! My questions always get locked... I can't even think simple programming question of currently. I have severe chronic pain 7 years and I have to focus only on my health upcoming years. However when I run into some computer issues which I need to solve it is annoying, I can't post comments... This would help me a lot! They are too draconic on posting there, if it is simple question and nothing more say something... also it is annoying I don't want to spend that much time formatting and grammar and thinking about titles so much - nothing comes to my mind, i don't have time for this... Or if someone doesn't like it and simply downvote you can't post, it is moronic... Bottom line: I try post good questions but I don't have time for it and it doesn't work well for me... I usually have to edit like 100 times it is ridiculous...

I have low vIQ, i am bit dyslexic and I have ADHD and I suffer from chronic pain, headaches, blurred vision, tinnitus and aphasia. Thank you for understanding!
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could you advice me fake question to post on https://stackoverflow.com/

Ethically, that is a very bad thing to do.

I'm not sure that Stack Overflow is good for anyone's mental health. If you are a newcomer you have to endure the downvoting of the narcissistic coterie who seem to run each "community" and the challenges of a far-from-obvious user interface.

There's a good book on algorithms that has only just been published: "Algorithms Illuminated" by Tim Roughgarden - see

It's programming-language agnostic, but very well-written.

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Ethics is relative :D I Am a philosopher - Nietzche: beyond good and evil :D

I can't even read 1 sentence!!!!!! I have no idea, how strong CPU I will need, nor how much FLOPS that program will require and no idea how to calculate that! Or if it will be possible to run on GPU?

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This thread would be better in the Lounge.

Ethics is relative
Well Hitler, Stalin and Vladimir Putin seem to have subscribed to an ethics model that wouldn't quite get past the EDI commitments of my workplace, but programming fora will probably operate better on the assumption that participants are trying to act with integrity.

Here's what you do, OP:
1. Close your web browser.
2. Open it up again and read the rest of this list.
3. Close your browser again.
4. Turn off your computer.
5. Place the computer in your bathtub and run the shower for 30 minutes, ensuring everything is properly drenched.
6. Now you're free to focus on your health. Tell your doctor to put together a diet plan for you.
Go fuck yourself! Completely offtopic... Asshole!
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Sorry, I have severe mental disability from my bout of syphilis I got from sucking off sailors at the docks, and I'm not sure my quad Threadripper system is fast enough to go fuck myself. I also wouldn't want to catch syphilis from myself. I already have severe mental disability, I wouldn't want to have double severe mental disability.
we used to have to do this for our embedded boxes all the time.
Empirical testing is fine and linear estimation is fine, but what you test it on to get the base time needs to be similar to the target family and you need to figure out what can be threaded and how much and whether the threads block or run full out etc. Break it into pieces, time the pieces, add it all up, adjust for the hardware scenarios...
you may also just rent or even find for free a place to run the code on different hardware settings on a cloud via emulation.

I mean, you do need the pieces... what algorithm you want to use, what time you want to have it finish in, and info like whether the algorithm can do a hard early exit (eg path finding you can stop when you have any working path, or keep looking for a better one, or whether you can stop if your result is close to the answer within say 1e-5 or whatnot).
I cant follow links, so that all assumes you have a real problem. If the problem is the classic 'can a computer program figure out if another program will finish / have correct results/etc' ... those are problems we don't know if they can be done. A twist on that... can a program figure out if another program will finish in a fixed time window... in general, no can do.
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Huh, you realize I can't do this, i have severe chronic pain. I need only estimate. I AM not sure how many FLOPS will needed to calculate that! I can't even read your answer, i am overwhelmed from first sentence!
FLOPS means FLoating point Operations Per Second.

Some ancient CPU might be able to do only one operation per second.
Different computer system can do quintillion operations per second.

Both can run the program. One just takes many more years to do it.
I can't even read your answer, i am overwhelmed from first sentence!

I have chronic pain, learn to read...
See: https://cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/285210/#msg1238094
There's no point explaining anything if you're not going to read it. Get someone else to read and understand it for you.
Thank you, MoronSilencer script!
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