Well, that was no fun.

The power went out for over an hour, snowy winter weather the likely cause.

What really gets me, though, is seeing the neighbors across the main street still with power. They never seem to have any outages, where if a gnat in my general vicinity sneezes.... *POOF*
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Have you thought about getting a UPS for the computer/router etc? At least then you'd still be on-line.
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I have UPSes on all my electronics, 'puters and home network and TVs, etc. I also have lamps plugged into the UPSes so even at night I have light to work by. 10 altogether.

But not knowing how long the time for restoration I shut everything down properly and safely. Courtesy of the UPSes.

The outage wasn't a sudden *BAM* type. It was a *flicker/brownout/flash off-on outage* that lasted over 10 seconds before the power went completely dead. That type of outage is all too common for my utility. So even the electronics I don't need during an outage are protected by a UPS surge outlet.

I kept my internet/wifi router still powered up so I could access the internet on my Fire tablets. Checking the utility's website for cause of outage and estimated restoration time. Minimal usage since the internet router is also for my VOIP home phone.

I also flipped on every light in the place so no matter where I was I'd know when power was restored.

Shutting down all my devices and UPSes takes about 15 minutes. Restoring everything, including the home network is a 20-30 minute exercise.
And getting an emergency generator is not possible. Against the HOA condo rules even if I had the space. Which I don't.
Get a giant flywheel. That'll teach those busybodies.
generators come in all sizes. The ones we used on the job most were mounted to a hand truck, total package about like a 4 foot tall kid, and could power several computers for many hours on a couple of gallons of gas. But it was noisy and had a mighty exhaust going on. I don't know if there exists an option that is both small AND quiet apart from a massive battery.

I need to get one, but keep putting it off.

Ours are infrequent, but the last one, after a very nasty windstorm (many trees down all over for miles) we lost power for almost 2 weeks. In spite of ice our food all went bad, and I believe my manager held it against me (could not get out due to trees, could not work due to power). Was a dumb way to lose a job.
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Are you allowed pets? If you had say a hundred mice all running in wheels connected to alternators you could get enough power to power a convertor to power...

Power to the mice...

Or use bikes with alternators attached.

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