Oh no! Amazon account already “locked” two times today, LOL.

I can hardly believe how many texts I have been getting lately “alerting” me to “suspicious activity” on my Amazon account, or that some massive sum of money has been charged to my card, etc.

Two today so far, and it just hit noon. The spam is filling up my text messages far faster than usual.

Yeah, like, I’m really going to believe that Amazon sent me a text message from Romania. And click your weirdo link with all the extra characters and give you all my login info.

What’s truly sad, though, is that so many people do click on that stuff...
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The scammers are really ramping up their efforts, using both emails and phone/text messages to snag the unaware into handing over their private info. The number of scams I receive on my cell phones and various email accounts has increased exponentially in the past several weeks.

I don't know, nor care, how effective the fishing is doing. Whether the increased activity is because it is becoming more effective, or the scammers are getting desperate. They ain't gonna hook me. Especially since the accounts they try to "alert me about suspicious activity" have nothing to do with the "me in the meat world."
I know I don't need to tell you, D, BUT.....

It might be time to change your Amazon password. Not that the messages about "suspicious activity" have even the remotely connection to your account.

Better safe than sorry. :)
My passwords have enough entropy that I’m not worried, lol.

Besides, the card I have linked to online purchases only gets cash added to it before I make a purchase. Even if someone did manage to crack one of my online shopping accounts (of which I have very few) they wouldn’t be able to make a purchase, heh.
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I didn't think you weren't more than enough savvy about the online/digital world, D. :)

Others could potentially take a few pointers from what you do, I follow similar procedures myself.

the current one in my area is robocalls about political donations.
If you listen carefully, what they want is..

->you give them money
-> they supposedly use this money to bribe politicians via a pac donation
-> so that the politicians will vote on bills to raise taxes to take MUCH more of your money
-> which is then fed forward to their special pork project that benefits the caller.

The amazon one is pretty common too. I mess with them, ask them which amazon account it was because "I have 13 of them bro". ;)
I haven’t actually gotten a robocall, as yet. Just spam texts. My carrier tends to be pretty good a filtering junk calls.
I've gotten a number of robocalls.
This is the Amazon security department.
We noticed an attempted purchase of an Apple iPhone for $999.
Press 1 to approve. Press 2 if you did not make this purchase.

The first time I got one of these calls, it kind of freaked me out.
I knew enough to hang up without pressing 2, but it made me check the pending orders page, There was nothing there, of course.
On my landline I get a number of spam calls, but I don't bother actually answering. I simply use the "call block" button and leave it at that. My carrier allows the Caller ID to display "Spam?" in front of the incoming number.

Even if it doesn't show "Spam?" the US area code is a dead give-away the call isn't legit.

Or the Caller ID shows it is some out-of-state government agency is another clue.

The few times I did answer the call, more than 2 years ago, there was no answer to repeated "Hello?" queries.

Other than immediate family and my health care provider no one else in the meat world knows what my landline number is. Only immediate family knows what my cell number is, and that is on a "pay by the month, no contract" (3 months actually) code on a card system.
The troll just can't stand they are being laughed at for such childish antics. BOO-HOO, putz.
I've had days where I get like 10 calls from "Amazon" about my "account having suspicious activity." They are all right next to each other, like someone messed up at the robocall facility and put 10 of my number in there lol.
Crazy thing is I actually have had 3 amazon accounts close to suspicious activity. Amazon just hates me.

However, these scammers are copying html and css to create similar looking sites to convince you you're changing your password.
What stands out as obvious scams to us, do trick enough folk for them to keep these scams going.
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