It's nice to have a trollish stalker

The loser is reporting nearly all my posts, making me laugh at how ineffectual the pettiness is.
What did you do for this to happen?
I don't have a clue. Suddenly a couple of days ago someone simply started blanket reporting many of my posts, mysteriously leaving others untouched.

I sure would like to know what triggered them, so I could do it more.
I believe this was the beginning of the shit storm,

Things just kinda escalated afterwards, making me have a lot of laughs at it all.
Whoever, or whatever, they were things seem to have calmed down. No longer am I being blanket reported for every comment I make.
Pathetic behavior. No sense. I guess that for my words my messages can be reported too :/
This "report every post" behavior has happened before, more than once, though when it did it wasn't just one person being the lightning rod. The likely person who did it in the past is no longer active.

I have my suspicions who the culprit was this go around, though I refuse to divulge.

Things have quieted down, and that is a good thing. We don't need the pettiness displayed by the juvenile behavior.

As I said when this happened this go-around it won't affect me being here. It just means I won't get any more laughter at their expense as they rage futilely into the night.
It would be more serious, though, if admin took action re the reported posts and suspended the accounts of those being reported. A while ago I had similar with nearly all my posts over a couple of days reported. Currently it seems that the only action taken re a reported post is for the post to be marked as 'reported'...
Heh, I see it was but a brief abeyance of immaturity from the troll. Whee!
Yo, troll, you should know that your infantile behavior has been reported to the admin.

Keep it up, being a whingy loser, you may soon find you are the one who is given the boot.

Or not. I honestly don't give a flying fig since nothing you do affects me in the slightest other than providing me with lots of laughs at your expense.
Ah, the childish antics of a very immature and angry l'il troll. It is to laugh in your face, loser.
Aaaaand, I'm still here. :Þ
Like the sands of an hourglass I still trickle through.
Gosh and Begorra! Still here!
I think it's about time we laid this thread to rest.
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