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I am looking for other coding forums such as the one here. I was using and stackoverflow and came here. is no longer online and stackoverflow while it has lots of advice I can no longer post there....

I would also like to say thank you for all the advice you guys have provided! :)


although it's not as active as this site.

There's also
but that's practically comatosed..

but that not just comatosed but petrified...
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I used to hang out at

It's quite active and there were many interesting discussions but I got too distracted from other things I should be doing so a few months ago I decided to log out and haven't logged in since. Now I'm back on this site and gets distracted here instead. ;)
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w3schools has a community.
Hello. I definitely use this site when I have a question or want to share something. I don't like StackOverflow. I started some threads about code, but there is always someone to tell you that you don't respect rules (and in fact, my posts were really clean, clever and respectful). I don't use Discord or other media except a little Twitter account. Here is a good place, and I don't want another ++

For C# questions/requests I post my messages on Unity forum which is very active.
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^ I agree I was banned from StackOverflow without much worning. I don’t always find it easy to explain my questions. Bill they don’t care…

Good suggestions on the forums.
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