Gone for a while

I am away for a few weeks and suddenly this site looks completely different.
What can I say... I have been working on my own tech blog. Forgive the shameless self promotion but here it goes...


It is mostly aiming at indie game dev. But please check it out and if anyone up here has a tech blog of your own, then post a link. I would love to poke my nose in it.

Thank you.
There is no shame or loss of pride in promoting your blog or site here. I appreciate when someone shares his own experience so as to contribute to knowledge. Like you, I really like creating some projects for Game or Code Jam including the LudumDare events. This is how I learnt computer programming, especially C# and now C++. Usually I use Unity or OLCPixelGameEngine which is my favorite tool. I saw that you prefer HTML5 including Phaser3 - a powerful framework. I wish you the best ++

If someone wants to take a look at my previous projects, I share them for free on the Itch.io platform. Some are good enough - I guess :)

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Just checked out all your links Geckoo. Good stuff. I really liked that stripes one. A simple concept but challenging. Gotta love that Itch.io, I hope to complete something soon myself.

Indie game dev will be the pulse of my blog. Maybe you will let me do a review of one of your games sometime.
If you can do a review about one of my projects I will be very happy. Feedback is always the best way in order to increase a project. Focusing on his project (especially code), the dev is not aware about some players' feelings.
Str!pes was at first an entry for a LudumDare, but also an exercise so as to catch the main mechanics of a famous game which gathered a large community - Superhexagon. I guess that I reached my goal :)


Do you partcipate to the next LudumDare (end of september) ?
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I won't have anything ready that soon. Right now I am still writing tutorials to give my blog content. Then build a game, then make contacts with other indie developers/hobbyists.
Hey Geckoo... What can you tell me about LudumDare. Their website is not very helpful.
Sorry Manga. I did not read your request - and you wrote it a few weeks ago. All my apologies :/

What is LudumDare? This is an event two times in the year which gathers a large community around one goal - make a game in less that two or three days (according to categories - compo (48h) and Jam (72h). The community choose some themes and votes for them. The theme which has the most votes becomes THE theme for the new session. You can use the engine or template you want - Unity, Unreal, Godot, Phaser3 or something else. If you choose the compo category, all must be done from scratch and you have to share source code. If you choose the jam category, you can use assets or other templates which you made in the past (only respect copyrights). After the deadline, we have two weeks to test/play games rating them according to a few categories like Graphics, Sounds, Fun, Innovative, Overall, etc. There is no price - only the joy of sharing something with people all around the world.
I remember an old cool video in order to understand what LudumDare is. Take a look at the link below.
The next LudumDare starts the 30th september. As usual I'm in! 

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