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For reasons of 'mental health' I ended up closing my original account here, regretted it soon after. I'm trying to get in touch with the admin to get my that account reinstated.

Recently I have been playing with Windows 11 Preview [dev channel] with Visual Studio 2022 Preview. Also been looking at WinUI 3 now part of Windows App SDK and non-WinAPI in general (still native code not managed). I still need to get my head around how the XAML (declarative?) interface works behind the scenes.

I was thinking of working towards a learning project that may be useful in the future. This will be based on the ideas of Composite UI Application Block (or CAB)

CAB "...provides proven practices to build complex smart client user interfaces based on well known design patterns such as the Composite pattern, in which simple user interface parts can be combined to create complex solutions, but at the same time allowing these parts to be independently developed, tested, and deployed."

The project will be called Sable: Simple Application Block Library Experiment. I've never tried to design a library like this before and could probably do with some pointers along the way. I'll probably tag subject on this with [sable] for easy finding later on.

Hopefully this will prove to have legs, who knows. Let me know what you think.

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Hi Grey Wolf

Welcome back to this forum. Never heard of you BIG LOL. That's because i am a newbie in here and in c++ programming.

Windows11+VS2022+WinUI3+XAML+CAB ... all thinks i don't know or have.

I am current strugling of a project of my own. Building a c++ library that can create a screen and put a pixel in it. Simplicity is the key and wrapping Win32 is a pain. BIG LOL.

Note: I wish you all the best for your project Sable.
Hi forgottencoder,

I originally joined in 2008...I think. More recently I have had less input to the forums as my C++ is a bit rusty and also the interesting questions always seemed to be asked and answered while I was off-line. So I had the hobby of squashing spam posts.

As time permits, I'm giving C and C++ a bit of a wash and brush-up.

I don't know if anyone has suggested it yet but there is a very well respected book on programming WinAPI, that is Programming Windows 5th Edition by Charles Petzold. It's price and availability seem to fluctuate...yes it's old and the code needs a bit of tweaking here and there but it is good...I wish there were a Petzold for native Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
Best of luck getting your original account reinstated. More importantly, I hope you're doing better now.

Thanks Albatross, I'm doing better...not perfect but heading in the right direction.
Glad to see you back, Grey Wolf.
Even if'n you don't get your original account restored, the good thing is YOU are back participating. And helping others.

I know what The Dark Side of life can be like. You aren't the only one feeling a bit out of sorts.
Welcome back. Although, haven't I seen you back several times? You need to learn to just step away and take a break. That's what I do. Closing the account is something you'll eventually regret.
helios, what can I say, I like this place. Normally I do just take a break but...yeah s**t happens in these strange times.
I like this place.

Oh, ICK! That is just cray-cray! :Þ

I had a previous account that was closed by letting someone access my computer and they decided to "play a joke on me" when I wasn't watching them.

I decided to not bother to try reactivating that account, and haven't looked back. I still make the same mistakes I did before.
I remember that.

I think the forum was a bit more social back then and there were some long rambling treads back then.
I still find the fora sociable, just as there were trolls wrecking havoc for a time and new users demanding we give them code for free back in "The Before Times."

I keep on participating because I am an ornery cuss who still has more than a bit to learn about the strange critter known as C++.
Sorry, I meant that people used to hang out in the lounge and chat about all shorts of thing other than coding.
Nothing to be sorry about. :)

Damn, aren't we *GASP* conversing and chatting now?
Wut? Get off my lawn. LOL.

Good to see you Grey Wolf
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Hello Grey Wolf. Your username is one of few that I can immediately recall as being part of this forum. In fact, it is probably around the top of the list of usernames I can recall immediately.

I understand wanting to close your account. I don't know if you have this urge for the same reasons as me, but for me it is..
(1) to clear clutter.
(2) to make things perfect.

(1) I have a folder on my desktop which reads "Old desktop" which has a folder within it which reads "Old desktop" and so on for an appreciable depth. Each of such folders contain the contents of my desktop at a particular point in time. When I feel that there are too many things on my desktop.. I just make a new folder, shift the contents of my desktop to the new folder, and rename the folder to "Old desktop".

(2) I tend to want to start things over. There are a dozen or so books in which I have gotten up to the half-way point.. had a small break.. and wanted to start over as I felt that the break had made me lose the context I had built up to that point.

I don't think I can help that I have the tendency to (1). But I try my best to ensure that it never causes me to do something irreversible or potentially damaging.
My tendency to (2) has to do with overthinking. I try to mute it by doing something that clears my thoughts (activities that force you to concentrate, like: chess, meditation, reading a novel, etc).
I call that folder "drawer". Of course it has its own drawer.
Am I the only one who'd like the computer to organize my files exactly the way I'd do it?
I understand wanting to close your account. I don't know if you have this urge for the same reasons as me...
It was more depression and frustration.

My folder is called Desk Tidy...it scars me because I just move stuff into it with no real structure...search is my friend.


I would like to thank agent max as he messaged me to ask why I had left. Even though I had closed the account I still received messages...had to create this account to answer him though.
yes it's old and the code needs a bit of tweaking here and there but it is good

Someone took the time and effort to bring most of the 5E code up to modern standards.

Sadly the project has stalled the last time I checked.
Although I am a huge lurker, I am glad there are still some of the same old peeps on here from when I started college. I have finished college few months back and am working in industry as a software engineer, and to say that you all have contributed to helping me develop a good mindset for a student and software engineer would be an understatement.
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