Note to site admin

I've just noticed that Chrome was telling me the site was not secured. I took a little look and it simply appears that I was on the HTTP version instead of the HTTPS version.
It may be worth looking at either automatically redirecting to the secured version, or implementing some other relevant safety feature, particularly when you can log-in from any page.

Also when a username/password is incorrect, why is the text white on white? And yellow on white for the mouse-over? This has been the case since I started using the site and never thought to post a question to ask.
Did you try using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page? The site owner is more likely to notice that than a thread here.

Not that the owner is likely to notice, CPlusPlus is pretty much on auto-pilot.
This is a very old forum, with no active maintenance beyond keeping it on the web.

It does not need httpS, so you don't really have anything to worry about. Just use a good password and stay away from insecure access points as usual and you'll be ok.

All reputable modern browsers have interest in helping you avoid sites that could hurt you. Cplusplus isn't one of them, tho.
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