Questions for Software Developers

Hello, I am a current Computer science student and I recently received an assignment where I have to give a career persuasive speech. One of the requirements for this assignment is that I interview a person currently working in this field. I figured that it would be easier to post the questions:

What do you like and dislike about your job?

What is the work load and the perks?

How did you get the job?

What should I do to get in this field?

Must have qualities?

Thank you in advance.

What do you like and dislike about your job?
* It's an easy, stress-free job that pays fairly well.
* Cool bosses with a very hands-off approach to management. All they care is that the work gets done on time. No micromanagement here.
* Relaxed work atmosphere (although lately perhaps a bit too relaxed for my taste).

Dislikes: Can't really think of anything.

What is the work load and the perks?
The work load in my case varies wildly because the company changed focus last year and my skillset doesn't totally align with the new focus. Actually I've thought about changing jobs because of it.
* Free snacks and drinks.
* There's a route between the office and my home that I can do very fast on my bike. So that's free exercise and fast commutes. Also:
* Facilities for biking equipment.
* Option to telecommute once in a while if I need to stay at home for some reason.

How did you get the job?
I replied to a wanted ad that was posted on one of the CS department's mailing lists.

What should I do to get in this field?
It depends a lot on where you live and where you're willing to move to get a job, as different places have different supply and demand for programmers, as well as different work cultures. In some places you can get by just on professional or amateur experience alone, and in other places you're pretty much required to have a degree. The best I can say is that you should go to interviews and try to get a general feeling for the culture. Try talking to people who already have jobs in the industry. Job hoppers will be especially good for this.

Must have qualities?
* Resourcefulness. Simply put, the skill to find something out when you don't know it, including things that might be written somewhere, things that someone might know, and things that no one knows.
* Communication skills.
1.1 Like: Freedom, less interference - we usually manage to argue for and against stuffs waay before deadlines, most of the time, nobody's perfect etc.
1.2 Dislike: due to seniority I have to learn to lead and manage people - techies usually hate it when people tell them what to do

2.1 Normal hours but keep your weekends free
2.2 insurance, health - normal stuff plus free food (most of the time...) when we have to burn the midnight oil

3 Old boys network

4. Diploma helps, willing to learn - ability to learn quick is a bonus, technically inclined, independence

5 Conscientious, out-of-the-box thinking, good writing and speaking and reading skills
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