cplusplus.com discord server

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anybody is welcome to join
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There's been several iterations of discord servers for this forum. They've all failed miserably unfortunately. Even our IRC has become unproductive and spam riddled.
@nox: i think there's good and bad for each platform.
it's very useful using discord, imo.
you can join if you want.
All this talk about Discord and IRC but no love for our subreddit :(

What's the point of having a forum about a forum?
Actually this server is very popular and quite useful, and well moderated by just 2 people.
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@satsuma: yes, i know... but actually, i wanna create server for our own here on cplusplus.com... you can join if you want...
does anybody wanna join?
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does anybody wanna join?

Hard to join when you delete the topic that gives the link to the server.
@chipp, That discord group was created for this forum.

The text chat did used to mirror exactly the forum topics but over time migrated a little to better support helping people over live chat.
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