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China is preparing for WW3!? BS or the Truth?

Let me know what you guys think the American government claims they have found a base with nuclear warheads, nuclear bunkers and army barracks in the ocean close to America is it just a CIA plot to ruin OUR world or is China really looking to invade America?

What about Aliens?

What about the Terrorists?

What about the CIA?

If this gets taken down then the CIA is covering up everything EVERYTHING.
In the ocean? As in, submarine bases? No, that doesn't seem plausible. Under what circumstances would an underwater fortress be a sensible solution to anything? Perhaps if you desperately need to get rid of a large number of your own troops in the most expensive manner possible.

Also, all the countries that have nukes also have ICBMs, so there's no point in placing nuclear silos anywhere in particular, at least as far as deployment is concerned.
One thing you should be aware of is that there is a massive amount of false content on the internet. Much of it is not really intended to even be take seriously, but is just meant for entertainment purposes, i.e. "Bat Boy", "Elvis is an Immortal Vampire", "I'm Having Bigfoots' Baby", "American government claims they have found a base with nuclear warheads"....

Even the stuff that is meant to be taken seriously is usually meant to deceive or mislead.

You will have to become an expert critical thinker, and sceptic before you should consider believing anything you read on the internet.
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But, my neighbor is having Elvis's Immortal Vampire baby.
Probably be North Korea at war before China
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Duoas wrote:
But, my neighbor is having Elvis's Immortal Vampire baby.

I've got gas. That's worse.
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The west forgets just how aggressive and worrying it is itself take for example, NATO, whats it for? its for going to war without the U.N. and looking legitimate.

Its a daft post colonial view to thihnk the eastern countries are nefarious in a way western ones aren't, If WW3 is started it will be by western arrogance.

America has been very aggressive in recent years, especially if a country does not trade or deal in the way they want, Israel will break U.N. laws and incite violence to grab land and Britain will sell weapons to cause instability that will yield more customers.

Russia has actually if you think about it, only got involved in territorial disputes in land with a high proportion of its own countrymen or been invited to bomb countries by the leaders themselves, the west will do what it wants when it wants.

China plays the same games as america with Africa and the middle east, just the world is a bit exhausted with the west's tricks and is trying the same deals with new superpowers hoping they won't yield the same colonial bastard tricks.

However china is the worlds oldest capitalist state and they are the true masters of the game, the intelligence is implicit in the way china is and they aren't as stupid as the west likes to think non western countries are, like they are inherently bad and the good guys always win.

There's no interest to end the world, the closest we ever got to ending the world was when the west was planning huge war games on Russia's borders, they became obsessed with the idea that the war game was the guise of an attack, I think america would have attacked in the same position, fortunately Russia gave the west the benefit of the doubt, can you see a republican president doing that? no I can't either.
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I know a lot of stuff on the internet is not real, but Americas government is corrupt and they are the cause for some of the stuff out there. Some people believe that the CIA is responsible for 9/11, I would hope not. Either way America has gone to shit, that is why I am moving to another country.
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