Setting up a computer lab

My local community center was given 20 Macs and we are starting to talk about setting up a computer lab. All I know about the computers are that they are from 2010, and that the only thing installed is the os.

The community center is art based. Children who use the lab will want to be inspired to create art, and adult artists will probably want some professional/professional quality art programs. The director mentioned claymation as a possible task.

There seem to be two general approaches to the lab. One, install all of the programs on each computer and put them into a deep freeze state. The other is to set up a thin-client type system. It would be nice to let people create/have their own accounts, and I know this is possible with both set-ups.

From what I understand, the thin-client way might not be great if everyone is doing a lot of computations with HD video/images because all of the work will be done on the server. The deep-freeze set up might not be great because this means we will be forced to use programs that can run on a computer from 2010.

I'm hoping to get some direction here. Does anybody know some good resources to try to figure this stuff out? Perhaps there are ways to do this that I have not thought about.
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