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How to earn honest money with C++/Java freelancing?

I need some help. I am plenty skilled at C/C++/Java, but I lack the connections to make some things happen. I would like to earn some honest $$.$$ working from home. I offer my skills to tutor, maybe via webcam.

Programming skills:

Rate is negotiable
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If you want to make money, you need more than just basic language skills. You need skills in certain areas. Can we design and build web apps using framework X? Good, that's something you can make money on. Can you build an application which creates reports from a database? Sweet, that's something people always need.

Saying "Uh well I can write functions" is not going to get you any money.
Darn, i understand. well i just have learn web development. What do you think about Joomla? Any advice on what web framework I should learn? Humbly thanks.
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Joomla is good. I have my website running on it. I know someone who runs his own advertising company and that's primarly what he uses for building client websites. It is free, but a lot of the decent plugins will cost you a little bit of money. But if you're building it for a client, you just charge them for it anyways. I haven't messed with the other big CMSs (Wordpress, Drupal), but I know Joomla is PHP based, but that's fairly easy to pick up. And you won't even need to do much actual coding in a CMS like Joomla or Wordpress.

I highly recommend learning an database system like PostgreSQL or MySQL, and reading about database design. That'll be huge. Everything has a database anymore, and every developer should know at least the basics of them. Being able to design a build a database for someone, and then an application on top of that will definitely give you some desirable skills that people will pay for.
I don't understand the purpose of MySql. What is the difference between Joomla and Wordpress and database MySQL? Will it take a long time to learn? I'm sorry, I am new to things web development, although I am familiar with the concepts. I want to learn because I am hungry to get something started though. Can I set up a database using a personal laptop as a server?

Ah...CMS is application on top of the web. And MySQL is the backend that holds all of the data?
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