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Working for free, 4hrs a day for 3 months.

Hello guys, Im offering to work for/with you for FREE.
im a c++/c# (Maybe i can call myself) Junior Developer.
a few of my projects are listed in github(wich i can share with u after u private msg me), All i want is to gain more exp.
in solving problems. And learn more advanced stuff.

-Fluent in German
-university bachelor degree.
-15+ yrs exp. in IT

thank you
I wouldn't recommend working for free, even for experience. Don't make your time worthless. You can create your own projects - find something you want to do or seems cool, then find a way to make it happen
I would like to be your partner.
No work experience but made a few personal C++ projects (mostly 2D games).
Familiar with multimedia library in C++ (SFML).

PM me for discussion.
Discord : Major GR#2682
Hi, I am now on SDL. with my own projects in 2d games. I would love to be your partner.

PM for discussion.
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