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Need experienced c++ developer to update 32-bit application to compile for Win2019

Task is to get a 32-bit c++ desktop application written for Windows XP and MacOS to compile for Windows 2019 with supported version of Visual Studio and modern build tools. Compile is done with NMake and the code does not comply with C 99 standards.

The application was written in visual c 7.1.0 and compiled using gcc 3. We have managed to get the application compiling in VS 2022 with warnings. The warnings are because the code does not comply with C 99 standards. Nothing has been done in the areas with the MacOS Compiler directives.

Application contains 340 *.cpp file, 525 *.h files and 100 *.c files, some of which are specific to MacOS and may not be needed. There are 176,693 lines in these files. The application has one status screen and a pop-up.

There are 292 tests with setup files and documented expected results. The tests are comprised of the .dbf input files needed to exercise various aspects of the application and documentation files describing the expected output. These tests must pass before proceeding to the next part of this project.

Once compiling, we want to choose the easiest of the following 2 options. Option 1 - modify the application to become a headless service, replacing the screen with a REST API interface or other communication to a launching application. Documentation of the communication requirements and functionality would need to be provided prior to development for approval. Option 2 – convert to 64-bit application that compiles for both Windows 2019 and MacOS Catalina or above.
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