General C++ Programming - May 2024

by Cplusc
Inconsistent Results with Different Methods
I’m facing an issue in a C++ project where two different methods for computing the same values are...
[16 replies] Last: Hi Cplusc, I hope all is well at your end :+) Sorry for an even late... (by TheIdeasMan)
Hello everybody, long time no post. My posts have been sporadic at best lately, but hopefully, this ...
[18 replies] Last: Not that it really matters your link lists different authors for the ... (by seeplus)
Why are there multiple multithreading frameworks?
In my learning, I've come across several multi-threading frameworks. I know the language didn't offi...
[8 replies] Last: PS. There's also: Intel Threading Building Blocks (by seeplus)
by helios
About full-duplex sockets
Sockets are supposed to be full-duplex, right? So the endpoints should be able to send and receive l...
[1 reply] : I'm not even sure what API you are using here 🤔 But, if we are tal... (by kigar64551)
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