hey guys, i need a good/pro c++ user

Hello guys, i need a pro c++ user for a job..

The reason is, that i play this old game from 2000-2001 called "command and conquer red alert 2" Which is a pretty famous game.
But i would really like to have an online working money hack/trainer created for the game which works online without causing an error. There is none out there, only one that works in singleplayer. I also have the recipe to make the trainer from a guy who was working on it but he disappeared and i have not seen him online since last year. The thing is it will probably take a few days to make it, but i am willing to pay 300$ for someone to make this.
The game can be downloaded for free on the official website of the game, which i can provide if someone is willing to help.
There is a reason there is none for the online mode. Doing it in single player is cheating, but doing it online is blatantly cheating and would most likely result in the company blocking you from playing. Most companies frown on cheating especially in online games where you would be getting the upper hand. I'm sure you will eventually find someone to make this for you, but not many people like the idea of making a tool to help you cheat in online games (as you may end up using it against them at some point :P).
haha good one..

Well this game is old, lots of people cheat, they use maphack and other hacks.. the company has left the game and some fans picked it up and got it running.. its not really that big of a deal and should be easy to make by a good/pro c++ user.. i promise you i will never be caught, especially if the hack has a reverse buttom. Im willing to pay 300$ for it, thats alot of money for a trainer like this.

if you or any other can help make this big wish of mine true, then give a shout..

thanks in advance
there are certain things you can't cheat at in online games, it all depends on which end data is stored, if its clientside a memory editor is enough, if it is serverside you would have to mess around with packet editing.

I doubt anyone is going to make this for you, though.
it might be serverside im not sure..

thats why i want to pay good money for this, i wish there was someone or some place i could go to and find someone who could make this happen.. 300$ for a trainer for an old game such as C&C red alert 2 is more than fair..

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The definition of script kiddie right here.

No-one will do this for you. The majority of gamers are pissed off with hackers - on-line and off-line. The general rule of thumb for gamers is: a mod is considered "vanilla" if the mod doesn't affect the game lure. Intentionally modifying a game against the game's mechanics is considered cheating, irrespective of magnitude.

Money means nothing, especially from a stranger on the net. Learn to use C/C++ and DIY (destroy it yourself).

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I don't think that's really a general rule of thumb at all. xD It's certainly not one I use, anyway, as that effectively blankets the majority of mods for any game. The DayZ mod for Arma2, Garry's Mod, just about every mod for every Bethesda game.. Just to name off random examples.
I'm sure Framework meant all mod's that give you an unfair advantage over the original game. Most older games out there have large mod followings. Diablo 2, that I used to play all the time, has a mod called MedianXL. It almost completely redesigns the game, an this would be referred to as a vanilla mod due to the fact that the creators have redesigned the game basically from the ground up leaving the basic engine behind.

There are several mods available for games, but when a mod is created/used to have an unfair advantage, over either the AI or other human opponents, they're greatly frowned upon.
That's not my definition of a vanilla game, a vanilla game hasn't been modified in any way, its the pure release version with official patches, any modification at all and it is no longer vanilla, hence the name, because vanilla is 'pure'
So you don't like patches or expansions either? Just saying.

And vanilla is as pure as fat is...
cncviking, you could use that 300$ to teach yourself C++.
I'm not saying I don't like unofficial patches, or modifications, I love them, but it isn't vanilla.

official patches and official expansions are fine, however expansions change what is vanilla, i.e Sins of Solar Empire vanilla, Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment vanilla, Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy vanilla, Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity vanilla (is essentially the last 3 combined), Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion vanilla.

P.S you don't need to spend any money to learn C++, I didn't.
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@henri korpela

well somehow i have the perception that c++ is complicated and difficult? im not sure i will ever learn c++ to such a degree that i would be able to create a trainer like this one.

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