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Someone Please help
- C++
- SDL 1.2.15
- CodeBlocks 20.03

1) Checking the catalog structure:
– program searches through sub-catalogs
--- if a file/catalog with a particular name pattern is found, program ads the path of the file to a csv file “data.csv”.
2) Unpacking the archives.
3) Bulk renaming files/catalogs.
SDL version 1.2.15 (historic). SDL 1.2 has been superseded by SDL 2.0. SDL 1.2 is no longer supported and no longer works on many modern systems

Why on earth would you want to write something using an out of date library that is documented not to run on modern systems?
Nothing in the functionality specifically calls out GUI requirements. Start by just writing the logic for needed operations in a normal program. You can link it up to a GUI later (this is also a nice way to force you to modularize your code; you can have a graphical interface and a command-line interface).

Instead of just saying "help", tell us what obstacle is specifically giving you a problem.
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@zaneemma - What is your knowledge of C++? Do you know about std::filesystem (since C++17)?
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