Using C++ for amazon like forum

Hello Everybody,

I am wondering is c++ good for something as of an auction website like Amazon? Which frameworks are the best for something in this magnitude?

Please don't be rude and answer my question if you can. That is one thing I hate in on this is people can be pretty rude when it comes down to asking questions like this.
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If you are going to design a website I would suggest using a web design languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, ect...

Also making a website for Auctions is going to be very difficult since you are going to need a lot of layers of security when dealing with financial information.
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Google brings up two interesting frameworks:

And indeed I see no reason why you can't do it with C++. There's nothing in PHP you can't do with C++. In opposite there is a lot of C in PHP (which is rather limiited).

Things you need for the website itself (HTML, Javascript, CSS...) still remain though.
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