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I want to write a DLL to download a simple text file from Google drive. Could someone help me with this please? I can do it in a language called MQL but I can't figure out how to do it in C++.

Any help will be really appreciated.


Just an update here.

I have just been reading up about libcurl. I am now trying to test that

Rclone is open source and does know Google Drive:
Alas, its neither C++ nor MQL, but Go ...

Last update is 9 years ago....there is a github repo that implements a C++ library for dealing with Google Drive.


Poking around in the source of libgdrive might be instructive for dealing with the Google Drive API, despite the age of the last update.
@George P

I am just a beginner with C++ I thought that trying to access my Google drive would be a good exercise. Primarily because it is something that I can use in my MQL programming.

I don't have the knowledge to Poke around that source, but thanks for the suggestion.


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I don't have the knowledge to Poke around that source

One of the best ways to learn is to study what others more knowledgeable do.

Learn from the Masters, so to say.

Trying to access Google drive IMO is not something a C++ beginner is going to find easy. Dealing with network sockets and a complex API is not all that simple. There might be other aspects of the task I haven't thought of.

I don't know what your level of experience with C++ is, so.....

The lessons at Learn C++ might be a better fit for a beginner:

Gain some solid bedrock foundation of C++ knowledge first and then build on that. Learn C++ won't show you every possible part of the C++ stdlib, it will expose you to a good chunk with examples you can play around with.

I'm a self-taught programming hobbyist, been trying to stuff C++ into my brain since before C++98 was a standard. When I started there were no online (and free) resources like there are now. Buying books was it.

No vast number of git repositories for 3rd party libraries either.
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