Leave Handle after CIN

My question is so stupid that it's a shame to post it here :)

I have a console application which launches after requesting another process. In the console the first process lists a folder and waits for an input in order to select a file... (a rom)
If I have a direct path to the file, it starts without problem and the new process has the Hand. However, and I guess that it is because the process has read an input, the console keeps the Hand and my new process starts and runs as a background process. I have to click on the window to get the Hand. It is not a big problem, but I would like to set something more clean.

I tried SetForegroundWindow() but it has no sense - this is the same application. Do you have an idea? Thank you for your help ++
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Finally I found a solution according to my previous attempt using :

It does not give a hand to another process, but to another Window. Maybe it could be useful for someone. I leave my request ++
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