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I'm still curious as to how much C++ compatibility with C will be broken if/when C1X gets anywhere.

are there still people out there who care about strict compatibility between the two?

imho, as long as I can call C libs, I am quite content
That's a good point. I would think compatibility with C++03 would be much more important than with C.
Well, C++ could never be a strict superset of C.
In any case, my understanding is that further improving compatibility with any C is not a priority. A C++ compiler doesn't need to be a valid C compiler beyond understanding C++-friendly headers, and most C headers are C++-friendly to some degree.
The two sort of move in step.

C got void*, a new function definition syntax and prototypes from C++. More recently, C++ has received stdint.h from C.

But, I agree, the language will and probably should diverge.
I must say that I agree with everything that the OP has said in this article.

Programming in general is a lot like doing math; the only way you are ever going to learn is by trying until you get it right.

Just reading some of the later posts about C...

Well, C++ could never be a strict superset of C.

I agree with this statement. I must say I am quite a fan of C for non-OOP stuff, but knowing C and currently getting to know C++, I can say that C++ cannot really be considered a superset of C in some ragards. Its like comparing VB.NET with VB6.
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