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by PeteDD
passing char and returning 1-wire DeviceAddress
I am working on a config.ini parser combined with a class that manages sensors in a large data colle...
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C++ 20, designated initializers This is one ve...
[13 replies] Last: Yeah I meant braces. But, okay now I get it. The assignment is the exp... (by Ganado)
by frek
When do you use 'auto' in your code
auto seems to be vey powerfull and flexible like a template. It's possible to use it instead of a ...
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string_view is a borrowed range but it can still dangle
I thought iterators to borrowed ranges could not dangle! Because of it being a borrowed_range??? Th...
[1 reply] : [quote=cppreference]The concept borrowed_range defines the requirement... (by Peter87)
by IsaacD
Why doesn't GNU add famous non-standard functions to glibc?
I recently found out that certain non-standard C functions, such as itoa() and strrev() are not avai...
[16 replies] Last: visual provides it anyway, both getch(e) & kbhit (and probably newer o... (by jonnin)
Can somebody explain what is a borrowed_range?
the text reads iterators of borrowed ranges can sill be used when the range itself no longer ...
[1 reply] : A borrowed range is one whose iterator validity doesn't rely on the li... (by seeplus)
How to initialize an array whose size is initially unknown
Hello all , Note: These values[xup -yup -xright - etc ..] are constantly changing My example .. ...
[10 replies] Last: Thanks all , seeplus , jonnin , doug4 Thank you very much for your gre... (by Hawlong)
Multithreading in a dll
I wanted to make two functions running in the background at the same time inside dll My dll #i...
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Read / Write Array Of Byte (1,2,3)
Hello all , Please how can read , Array Of Byte (cheat engine). using c ++ (internal) https:/...
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