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Mar 22, 2009 (last update: Mar 22, 2009)

How to post a new topic

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I had some users who at first didn't know how to post on a forum so I decided to write this article

Creating a New Discussion
0. Be sure you have read 1. Log in (You can see if you are logged on the top right of any page in this website)
2. Go to the forum you want to create your new topic (eg )
3. Scroll until you reach the bottom of the page
4. Click on [Post a new topic] and you will be able to create the new topic

Replying to an existing Discussion
1. Log in
2. Go to the forum in which you have the discussion going on
3. Click on the topic title
4. Scroll until you reach the bottom of the page
5. Click on the button Post a new reply

Formatting a post
When you reply on the right of the box in which you can type your message you will see something like this:
Format: # "
X2 X2 When you start a new topic that would be below the edit box

By clicking those buttons you will have some formatting tags.

# Generates [code][/code] tags:
//some code
cout << "This is an example";
(read also )

" generates [quote][/quote]
A citation

B I U and TT generate tags with the same letters as in the button for
Bold Italic Underlined Strikethrough and Teletype text

The button similar to is used for having
centered text

X<sup>2</sup> and X<sub>2</sub> are used for subscripted and superscripted text